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Executives' Guide to Lean Part 1: Why go Lean?

by Bradford U. Staats “Lean” is a philosophy that is based on the simplification and standardization of business processes, the elimination of waste in all of its forms throughout the organization, and the concept of continuous improvement. Although it has primarily been associated with and developed by the manufacturing sector, it is becoming apparent to many that the concepts of Lean apply to much more than just manufacturing. Much like the shop full article


Lean Applies to the Office Too

by Bradford U. Staats Over the last 20 years or so, manufacturing operations have been perfecting the concepts of Lean on the shop floor to the point that they realize that although the “physical” processes are running quite well, there is still an impediment to being totally lean:  the information and processes of the front office. In these situations, the office becomes the bottleneck and is often the weakness full article


How to Fail at Implementing a Business System

by Bradford U. Staats Implementing a business system is a daunting task for the entire organization and will be a major cost item for the year. Whether you are implementing a whole new system or re-implementing parts of an existing system, there are many ways to fail in the effort. Although there are numerous details full article


Git-r-Dun to Make Change Successful

by Bradford U. Staats Any organization that is trying to make a change to how it operates will encounter issues of making the change that will dictate the level of success achieved. People tend to stay “in the mode” as long as there is more of a reason to do so than not. The longer the current practice has been in place, the more fundamental the change or the more the entire organization is affected are key issues that will determine how successfully the change is full article


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An Executive Guide to Lean Thinking

by Deloitte & Touche    Lean has resulted in companies reporting, throughput times and defects reduced by 90%, inventories reduced by three quarters and unit costs slashed in half. All this has been done at very little capital cost to the companies involved. With performance improvements of this magnitude it has been possible for companies to double output and profit with the same full article


The Lean Supply Chain Report 

by Abrerdeen Group     For those companies willing to make the commitment, Lean initiatives extended through the supply chain can pay dividends in the long term. Successful Lean implementations have met and exceeded the performance expectations of over 70% of Best in Class companies in areas such as customer service and supply chain flexibility. In many cases, technology solutions are enabling Best in Class companies to outperform their competitors full article


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