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The Peak Model of Alignment

Peak Model of Alignment

In today’s business environment, organizations are looking for more than just satisfied customers. In order to maintain a competitive edge, organizations are looking for Loyal Customers. In order to maintain a loyal customer base, all systems within the organization need to be in alignment.

When we partner with a client, we first seek to understand their strategic intent. Do they have a strategic plan? If not, we can help them create their strategic plan. If they do have a plan or once the plan has been created, who else knows about it? We help them operationalize their plan – each individual knows his/her role in helping the organization accomplish its overall goals therefore positively impacting its loyal customer base.

Are your employees’ behaviors consistent with creating a loyal customer base? We work with the individuals within an organization to align their behaviors with the overall strategic plan which positively impacts the customer base.

And finally, we look at the Operation Systems or Processes. Do you have the processes in place to allow your employees to implement your plan? We help our clients create and/or revise processes from quote to cash in order to allow them to implement their plan.

Therefore what we do is partner with organizations to help them grow and sustain profitable marketplace advantages by helping to align their people and processes with their strategy. How we do it is dependent upon the specific needs of each client, but the first step is to listen.




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- Operations
- Systems Integration
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