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Supply Chain Management


Many times, companies want to make improvements to their processes without going to a whole new system or implementing a full lean project. They just want to improve on what they have. Examples of these efforts that improve specific business processes include:

  • Establishing a perpetual inventory system
  • Improving inventory accuracy
  • Changing the flow of work on the shop floor or in the office
  • Implementing or improving demand planning and material planning techniques
  • Developing or improving the production planning and scheduling activity
  • Enhancing the quoting and order acceptance process
For issues from quote to cash, Peak consultants bring a methodology, best practice awareness, knowledge of various ERP systems and years of experience to combine with the client’s company and industry knowledge in order to develop solutions that work. These projects can be individual, small and focused or part of an overall plan to improve the business processes throughout the entire organization. The methodology of analyzing the current process, developing the preferred process and creating a work plan that gets the changes made is proven to be flexible, efficient and effective for making changes in the organization.






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